Pamilican Island

Pamilican Island

This little gem of an island was an unexpected discovery where I ended up staying a week!

While backpacking through the Philippines, I stumbled across this beautiful island. Pamilican Island!

This is pure paradise. Wonderfully laid back – and hardly any tourists in sight. The locals are amazing too.

You can watch my full video here about this awesome little island.

Upon arriving here, expect to see no other foreigners. We came as a big group of backpackers and kind of “took over” the island. This place is perfect for a couple, a group, or solo travellers to come and be at peace – it really is a great place for everyone!

White sand, Coconut Trees, Hammock Swinging Paradise!

How to get to Pamilican Island?

You can call them directly “Mary” 09462491748 who has the homestay – its simple bungalows – all inclusive of food and at the time of writing was 650 per day with a small fee for transport to and from the island, They will pick you up from Bohol – Panglao – Alona Beach.. Wherever you may be..

If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Bohol I highly recommend  Bohol Backpacker – Coco Farm lots of backpackers here and very nice hosts in a very nice setting. It was staying at this hostel that i found out about Pamilican island

And the accommodation is all inclusive of food as there are no restaurants on the island at all.

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