Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Thailand's Stickiest Island

I’m not exactly sure what it is about this island; the Energy, the Magnetism, the Atmosphere around the place.. I don’t know. But Koh Phangan has something special about it. And everything – all business and pleasure activities – revolve around the moon phase.

It’s a place that is quite special to me. It was the first place in Thailand I fell in love with. Then the following year I went back and did my Scuba Divemaster internship here with Haad Yao Divers. I seem to have felt every emotion and stress possible on this Thai island but I’m certain that’s not the reason why I find it so special.

Most people come to this island for one reason and one reason only. The Full Moon Party. Which I hate! Read more about it here . So, for 3-4 days of every month the island is FLOODED with people. Then afterwards, no matter what time of year it is, the island returns back to its peaceful, intimate and secluded nature. Now you find me another island in Thailand – that even in high season – isn’t that busy!?

There also seems to be SO MANY yoga schools here.. More than any other place I’ve visited in Thailand. Maybe they feel the same “good energy” as I do. Who knows?

One thing is for certain is that it is NOT the most stunningly beautiful island in Thailand as far as scenery is concerned. The Krabi region with its towering limestone cliffs is much nicer on the eye. But There is something about Koh Phangan that it’s beauty runs deeper than its skin!


Life here revolves around the moon, no-where seems to be open the day after the full moon. It’s like a day of national rest! And the parties leading up to and warming down from the full moon are SO SO GOOD. Better than any nightclub, party, or anything I’ve ever been to before. Imagine Ibiza, but instead of dancing away in a nightclub you are in the middle of the jungle under the palm trees. And its not some “bodged” affair. I’m talking about great sound systems, DJ’s, lighting and decor! All hanging from the palm tree’s.

Koh Phangan is also the ONLY place that I have witnessed this phenomenon, and i saw it on two separate occasions!

koh phangan moon halo

Halo around the moon


So.. where to stay?? I can highly recommend the West Coast.. Thats where I’ve always stayed, Haad Yao is my beach of choice but Sri Thanu (pronounced “see tanu”) is a great place too! There’s always something going on too in this area. Nothing too crazy! But you feel part of a community. It really is a beach bumming, hammock swinging, reggae loving paradise!

One thing is for certain. Do NOT stay in Haad Rin or Baan Tai.. These are the villages that hold the BIG parties.. Its so cheap and easy to get to the parties via the taxi pickup trucks, so why not leave those places at arms length? I’m so glad I did when stayed for the first time. You meet far better people the further away from Haad Rin.

Also very nearby is The Pirate Bar Party, in my opinion the best party on the island!! They place awesome music and it’s located in its own “hidden” cove with the DJ located on top of a cliff!


  • DO NOT RIDE A MOTOR BIKE DRUNK! OR GET ON A BIKE WITH ANYONE WHO MAYBE DRUNK – The roads here are a roller-coaster ride of hills and sharp corners with added sand drifts on all over the tarmac. I know so many people who have had accidents here, and even know someone who was killed on the road to Haad Rin.
  • DRUGS – If you have to smoke weed. Be careful! – And do not buy anything from some random person. You will end up in jail or left with a hefty bribe to pay!


To summarise all this, Koh Phangan is an island that changed me as a person. I had some life changing experiences here that I will never forget. It is a MUST VISIT PLACE in Thailand. But PLEASE PLEASE do not just go for the Full Moon Party!

😉 Happy Travels





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  1. Definately the best and most beautiful island i visited in thailand- definately beats phi phi, krabi, railay etc etc. for me.
    Secret beach was my fave AND they have a Total Wipeout course ! Sooo good

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