A Magical Temple in the Heart of the Jungle

If there is anywhere I have ever been to that has left me absolutely gobsmacked with amazement it is Borobudur. Words or even pictures cannot do this place justice, the only real way of experiencing it is to be there.

Borobudur Adventure Travel

I want you – the reader – to experience the exact same feeling of magic that flowed through my body, and the way my hairs are standing up on end right now as I am writing this.

I was staying in Yogya and had a flight at 12 noon to Jakarta so I had to make the whole thing quick (AND I AM SO GLAD I DID) I had my hired motorbike. My alarm was set at 4.30am. Plenty of time to get there for sunrise. The park itself opens at 6am. I absolutely hammered by bike all the way to get there before it opened. At the ticket office there were about 20 or so people “hanging” aroundbut no cue had formed yet. As if by magic, the lady from the inside of the office opened the door from the inside. So I selfishly bolted to the door as quick as I could without any consideration for anyone else I paid for my ticket and RAN! RAN! RAN! LIKE THE WIND toward the temple.

Borobudur Adventure Travel

Nothing could prepare me for what I witnessed next. I ran straight up the top level and viewed something breathtaking. Borobudur is located in the middle of dense, lush jungle. The emerald green landscape was covered in the morning mist with only the tree tops protruding.

Borobudur Adventure Travel

You are surrounded on either side at Borobudur by a dramatic landscape. One side you have a mountain wall and on the other you have two huge volcano’s looming in the distance.

Very little is know about the people who built this place but what i find impressive – even more impressive than the fantastic architecture – is the location they chose for this wonderful temple. You seem to be high above the canopy, almost as if you are floating on the jungle but below the gods (mountains/volcano’s)

Borobudur Adventure Travel

So there I am snapping away for 20 mins before the place becomes absolutely flooded with tourists. As you can see from the pictures I had the place to myself but it didn’t last long. No way could i stay up here. If you have ever been to Indonesia before then you will know that white foreigners are a bigger attraction than the magnificent temples. I must have been stopped by 15 parties of people wanting to take there photo with me and try and practise there English. It funny at first but gets annoying!

Borobudur Adventure Travel carvings

It was then time to study the architecture. Which is pretty mind-blowing! How the people who built this place had so much skill and manpower back in the day amazes me, it really does. They must have truly believed in a cause do accomplish all this.


If you are in central Java. Borobudur is an absolute must! And I cannot stress this enough. Get there early and you will experience the spectacle that I will never forget

2 thoughts on “Borobudur

  1. Hey Sam – came to check out your site. Great stuff! Absolutely gorgeous photos above. I want to spend more time in Indonesia, previously been to Sumatra (and I’m glad everyone wanted to talk to you and take photos – I felt like a circus animal there.)
    Look forward to following your adventures,
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Thanks so much! All of these photos were taken on my iphone!! Yes I did say iphone!

      I have learnt my lesson and now have a decent camera but I was quite impressed with the iphone (but not the battery haha)

      Indonesia is my favourite country (so far) so much more to explore there too! Can’t wait to go back

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